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Finding God’s Goodness In Your Life

What is God's goodness? Do we recognize His goodness in our life? Learn how God's goodness is already at work in your life.

12 Redeeming Bible Verses For Recovery

Does the Bible say anything that will help someone in recovery? Read these 12 great Bible verses for recovery and be encouraged.

Sermon: Lift Up Your Eyes And See What God Sees

There are 3 places in the Bible where it says to lift up your eyes. Pastor Duke Taber shares a beautiful sermon on lifting up your eyes.

10 Uplifting Bible Verses About Depression That Helped Me Overcome

Are you suffering from depression? Read these uplifting Bible verses about depression. They are the ones God used to help me overcome.

The ONE THING People Are Missing In The Transgenderism Debate

What does the Bible say about transgenderism? What are people missing in this controversial topic?

3 Keys To Help Somebody Battling Depression

Dealing with depression is not easy. I have overcame depression and helped others. Learn 3 keys that has helped others overcome depression.

Sermon: The Power Of The Resurrection – 6 Present Day Benefits

When Jesus arose the world was changed. Read this sermon on the power of the resurrection and learn 6 present day benefits for every believer

6 Beautiful Benefits Of Psalm 103 For Every Believer

I want to give you 6 things out of Psalm 103 to help you remember that God is good by remembering all the good things He has done for us.

10 Incredibly Inspirational Bible Verses

Take a journey through some of the most incredibly inspirational verses in the Bible.

4 Amazing Spiritual Blessings From God Every Christian Has Been Given

If you ask me, these spiritual blessings from God in the heavenly places have great earthly value as well!