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21 Tremendous Christian Quotes On Prayer

Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian life. It is our two-way communication with God. Check out these great quotes on prayer to see for yourself.

Learning To Pray Basic Prayers

Prayer is an important part of the Christian life. Learn how you can start communicating with God by learning how to pray basic prayers.

7 Powerful Prayer Points Found In The Lord’s Prayer

Prayer is important in the Christian life. It helps to have a prayer outline. Read and use these powerful prayer points that Jesus used.

Bible Verses About Fasting [15 Powerful Scriptures]

Read this great list of fasting scriptures to guide you as you seek God in greater depths with your own personal fast.

How To Pray For Leaders You Disagree With

The Bible tells us to pray for those in leadership. But how do we pray for leaders we disagree with. Find out the 3 easy steps

Bible Verses About Prayer – 26 Powerful Scriptures

Prayer is an important part of the life of any Christian. Read these Bible verses about prayer and be encouraged to draw closer to God

9 Bible Verses To Help You Pray Powerful Prayers

Read these 9 Bible verses that will help you learn how to pray powerful prayers. You too can pray prayers that will move mountains!

This Actor Had Never Seen Somebody Pray But When He Did It Changed His Life

“She was leaning over her plate and I didn’t know she was praying. It didn’t make any sense to me because I’d never seen anybody pray.”

These 7 Heartfelt Prayer Psalms Will Help You Pray When You Need Help

If you find it tough asking God for help on anything let these seven prayer psalms spur you on and get the help you need.

10 E.M. Bounds Quotes To Prayerfully Ponder

E.M. Bounds was an authority on prayer. If you would like to have a passion for prayer read these great E.M. Bounds Quotes

Indiana Trooper Gives A Prayer INSTEAD Of A Ticket

It can be stressful enough to see a police car behind you, but imagine getting pulled over after learning your child is dying from cancer.

7 Prayer Strategies To Change Your Life And Our World

Prayer is a journey with God. Learn these 7 prayer strategies and change your life, your family, and even our world!