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Jesus The Good Shepherd Of Our Life

Are you interested in how Jesus is the good shepherd? Discover how Jesus fulfilled Psalm 23 and became the good shepherd of our lives in this informative article.

Jesus Eating With Sinners And Our Responsibility

Why did Jesus eat with sinners? What lessons can we learn from this? Discover the answer to these questions and more in this informative article.

What Was Jesus Passionate About?

What was Jesus really passionate about? Discover what the real passions of Jesus were in this informative article.

10 Powerful Christian Quotes About Easter

Are you looking for some great quotes to use for Easter Sunday? Check out these powerful Christian quotes about Easter in this informative article.

Sermon: The Blood Of Jesus Speaks

What is so important about the blood of Jesus? In this sermon you will learn 4 things that the blood of Jesus does in your life.

The Role Of The Cross Of Christ In Our Life

The cross of Christ is a central theme in Christianity. Learn how you can pick up your cross and follow in the footsteps of Jesus

What If YOU Were One Of The Shepherds At Christmas?

What if it was you that was doing your normal job and an angel appeared to you? Would you react like the shepherds at Christmas?

10 Wonderful Christian Christmas Quotes

Are you looking for a little Christmas Inspiration? These Christmas quotes will do the trick!

What Was So Special About Mary The Mother Of Jesus?

What was so special about Mary the mother of Jesus? What qualities did she possess that caused God to give her His son?

2 Powerful Ways To Have A Christ Centered Christmas

Are we just trying to keep the name Christ in the word Christmas or do we really want a Christ centered Christmas?

Are You Ready To Follow Jesus No Matter The Cost?

I have decided to follow Jesus no matter the cost! I hear the beat of His drum. How about you? Are you ready to do the same?

Famous Quotes About Jesus

Jesus is the most quoted man in history. He is the most talked about as well. Check out these famous quotes about Jesus in this informative article.

Famous Quotes Of Jesus Christ

Jesus is the most quoted man on earth. Discover some of the most famous Jesus Christ quotes in this informative article.

Easter Bible Verses Declaring The Resurrection Of Christ

Looking for some great Easter Bible verses to use in your resurrection Sunday celebrations? Our list includes scriptures from the Gospels and the Epistles.