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Christian Quotes About Change – Destined To Be Changed

Are you struggling with change in your life? Do you want God to change something? Read these great Christian quotes about change!

Are You A Christ Follower Or A Disciple?

Rise up to the next level in your spiritual life by advancing from a just a Christ follower to a disciple of Jesus.

How To Develop An Intimate Relationship With God

Having a personal relationship with God is the major theme of Christianity. Learn how to develop intimacy with God in this Bible study

What Does The Bible Say About God Speaking To Me?

Does God still speak to people today? Is He speaking to you? Find out how you can really know if God is speaking to you today.

Called To Be Committed – 20 Christian Quotes About Commitment

Commitment is an important part of the Christian life. Read these Christian quotes about commitment and strengthen your walk with Christ.

How To Be A Transparent Christian

Having a transparent lifestyle is important in the Christian's life. Learn how you can imitate Jesus in living a transparent lifestyle.

4 Telltale Signs Of Christian Maturity

We all start up as babes in Christ but we shouldn't stay that way. Learn the 4 signs that show you are growing into Christian maturity

3 Dynamic Steps To A Renewed Mind

Romans 12:1-2 tells us to renew our mind. Learn the 3 steps involved in allowing God to give you a renewed mind.

4 Ways You Can Enrich Your Life By Practicing Biblical Meditation

The Bible talks about meditation. It has some wonderful benefits. Find out how your life can be enriched by biblical meditation.

10 Spectacular Charles Spurgeon Quotes

Charles Spurgeon was called the prince of preachers. His words inspired millions. Read these Charles Spurgeon quotes and get inspired too!

3 Life Changing Reasons To Hunger For God

Spiritual hunger is a good thing. It means your alive. Learn 3 life changing reasons that Christians should hunger for God.

Revival Fires Hit West Virginia – Students Skip Prom To Seek Jesus

The Mingo Central High School Prayer Club is being credited with starting a gospel movement in southern West Virginia that is impacting at least 20 schools.

10 Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes To Deepen Your Faith

Dietrich Bonheoffer was martyred in Nazi Germany. His faith inspired millions. Learn what motivated him with these Dietrich Bonhoeffer quotes

10 Classic C.S. Lewis Quotes And Sayings

C.S. Lewis has inspired millions with his writings. Do you need inspiration? Read these classic C.S. Lewis quotes today!

10 Great Oswald Chambers Quotes

Oswald Chambers has touched millions with his writings. Do you need inspiration? Read these great Oswald Chambers quotes.

Bible Study: 3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From King David

King David is a major figure in the Bible. Learn 3 important life lessons from King David in this informative Bible Study

Practical Principles In Christian Decision Making

How do you make good decisions in life as a Chrisitan? Here are a couple of tips that will work in any situation!