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What Is Spiritual Abuse And How To Recover From It

Are you have been a victim of spiritual abuse? Discover the definition of spiritual abuse and learn how to find freedom in Christ in this informative article.

Learning Video Production For Your Church

Do you want to learn how to do video production? Discover How to Do Video Production for Churches and Nonprofits in this informative article.

How To Live Stream Your Church Service Online For Free

Do you want to live stream your church services? Discover how to live stream for free in this informative article.

How To Live Stream Your Church Service On A Limited Budget

Do you want to start live streaming but have a limited budget? Find out how you can live stream your Sunday services cheaply.

Why Attend Church? – Following Jesus By Going To Church

Is church attendance important? Learn what are the healthy and unhealthy reasons to go to church regularly.

The Power Of Holy Communion In The Life Of The Church

Holy Communion, The Eucharist, The Lord's Supper. It is called many names, but is there power in it? Learn about the power of Holy Communion.

Do You Love The Bride Of Jesus?

It has become fashionable today to speak ill of the bride of Christ. Read this powerful story and ask: Do you love the bride of Jesus?

In Remembrance Of Me – Communion Scriptures To Use In Serving The Lord’s Supper

Here is a fantastic list of the most commonly used communion scriptures and some alternatives you can use in serving the Lord's Supper.

Is It OK To Be Taking Communion At Home?

I have had a lot of people over the years ask me what I thought about taking communion at home. Is it biblical? What does God think?

4 Things To Look For In Choosing A Church

Attending a good church is important. We want a good church home. Learn the 4 basic ingredients to look for in choosing a church to attend.

Cultivating Honor In An Age Of Cynicism

But what does a Culture of Honor even look like? Where do I get that from? And how do I even implement it when there seems to be a true lack of honor that is abounding all around?

Are You Called To Be A Foreign Missionary?

Are you called to be a foreign missionary? Discover what it takes to go into the mission field in this informative article.