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Are There Contradictions Concerning The Death Of Judas Iscariot?

Are there discrepancies with the accounts of the death of Judas Iscariot? Discover the differences in these accounts in this informative article.

2 Ways We Try To Put God In A Box – Putting Limits On God

Are you limiting God? Discover the secret of letting God out of your box in this informative article.

Return To Your First Love – A Sermon For America

The church in America needs to return to its first love. In this sermon Pastor Duke Taber shares how it can do that.

The Importance Of The Principle Of Christian Transformation

When we come to Jesus we are like rough diamonds. Learn how God will not leave you as you came but will transform you into a beautiful creation.

Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees

There was only one warning that Jesus gave us. It was to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. Find out what that means in this informative article.

What Is Biblical Success? – A Definition

Do you want to have real success in life? Discover the biblical definition of success in this informative article.

What Does The “Judge Not” Bible Verse Really Mean?

Does the Bible really say that we are not to judge morality? Discover what it means to "judge not" in this informative article.

What Does the Bible Say About Tattoos?

Are you a Christian thinking about getting a tattoo? Discover what the Bible says about tattoos in this informative article.

Does the Bible Say the World Will End?

What does the Bible say about the end of the world? Does the Bible say the world will end? Discover that and much more in this informative article.

When God Says NO

Have you been asking for something from God and the answer is no? Discover the reasons God may be saying no in this informative article.

Whitewashed Tombs – The Definition of Pharisees and Sadducees In the Modern World.

Why did Jesus call the Pharisees and Sadducee's whitewashed tombs? Discover the reason and how to avoid becoming a modern-day Pharisee or Sadducee in this informative article

What Does The Bible Say About Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a difficult subject for some people. Discover what the Bible says about forgiveness in this informative article.

How To Be A Loving Christian

Do you want to learn how to be a loving Christian? Discover how you can be more loving in the Bible study.

Ananias And Sapphira: A Bible Study

Discover the importance of being transparent with God and others in this Bible study on Ananias and Saphira lying to God.

Breaking Destructive Cycles in Your Life.

Do you want to break the destructive cycles that are in your life? Discover 2 powerful principles to defeat the cycles that are destroying your life.

17 Bible Verses About Peace To Calm The Storms Of Life

The Bible promises you can have peace beyond understanding. Read these Bible verses about peace and find the peace of God in your storm.

Casting Out Demons – Are Modern Exorcisms Real?

The Bible talks about casting out demons but are modern-day exorcisms real? Find out in this eye-opening article.

Experiencing Life With God – 22 Christian Quotes About Life

Do you want to experience more of God in your life? These Christian quotes about life will help you find the life in God you are looking for.

The Power To Forgive – 21 Christian Quotes On Forgiveness

Are you struggling to forgive? These 21 Christian quotes on forgiveness will help you find the power to forgive others, and even yourself.

How To Walk In The Peace Of God

Do you want to have God's peace in your life every day? Learn how you can walk in the peace of God in your life in this informative article.