When Amy Hanley heard she had cancer, she knew her life wasn’t the only one at stake.
“I was six weeks pregnant, I was 38 years old, and had stage three colorectal cancer. And I did the only thing I knew to do. I got on my knees and I prayed.”

A week later she went in for surgery.
Journey of trust 2
After the surgery she was given terrible news. The cancer had spread.
“I knew I was dying. But she told me that I had a 45% chance of survival if I had an abortion. Without an abortion, I had no chance.”

Other doctors agreed with the prognosis but abortion was not an option for Amy and her husband Bobby. They were Christians. They believed in life.
Journey of trust 3“What gives us the right to kill an unborn baby?” asks Bobby. “A baby that has every potential of living and becoming, you know, an adult, just like myself. Who gives us the right to make a decision?”

Amy and Bobby found an oncologist who would try something that hadn’t been tried. He prescribed a chemotherapy treatment that might not harm the baby.

Amy was 14 weeks pregnant when the treatments started but their trust was in God. They started preparing to welcome their newborn child into the world.
journey of trust 4People all around them were praying. People they didn’t know would stop them on the streets to ask them if they could pray for them.

Amy endured 11 rounds of chemotherapy. They had no idea if the chemo was harming the child. They just continued to put their trust in God.
Journey of trust 5Finally the day arrived for Amy to have a C-section.

“We had several pastors and friends that were there, and my husband,” says Amy. “And they just made a circle around my bed and we just held hands and prayed over the baby, over the delivery.”
Journey of trust 6Joshua Hanley was born on August 28th, 2010, in perfect health.

“I just cried,” recalls Amy. “Overjoyed, thankful, just so thankful.”
God had honored their trust in Him.
Journey of trust 8Not only was the baby born healthy and normal, but Amy was still alive. Quite a different story from what the doctors had told her in the beginning!
Journey of trust 9Now Joshua is 5 years old and a healthy and active boy living life to the fullest!
Journey of trust 10And Amy is loving life and cancer free! Praise God!
Journey of trust 11

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