Blogger Steven Bancarz was born and raised in a Christian household, but started down the “rabbit hole” of New Age when he was in high school.

“What started off as studying turned into practice,” Bancarz says. Tarot card reading, meditation, lucid dreaming, astro projection—he ate it up. “Christianity seemed naive and childish, and I used to look down on Christians as being thoughtless and intellectually inferior.”

As he progressed, he became one of the more popular New Age figures on social media.
What threw a wrench in his philosophy, though, was how Jesus saved people from the brink of death.

“In the back of my mind, I was like, ‘OK, there’s something unique and different and special and pure and holy about Jesus.'”

Yet he pushed forward in the New Age movement, using social media to spread his spirit science message. 2016-04-24 17-06-45
Bancarz thought that by teaching New Age doctrine, he was helping humanity. But still, God nagged him.

“I used to think God was the energy of the universe … ,” Bancarz said. “I understood (Jesus) as someone being self-realized, who realized His unity with the divine and that He was calling us to do the same. I thought Jesus was someone who’d ascended to His own inner-god nature.”

Greed and materialism fueled his motivations, though he felt unfulfilled.
But as his life began to implode, he began to warm up to Jesus and flicked through the Gospels until he reached a point of utter brokenness.

“I went outside on my back balcony of my stupid house … and when I did this, I felt the atmosphere around me start to change. And I could feel in the air that there was something holy and pure around me. And it was also personal, and I knew in that moment that I was in the presence of Jesus. And the quality of everything around me changed. The wind felt like it was infused with His presence, and when it hit me, it would hit me and it just completely broke me. And I felt like He was showing me Himself.”

Watch the video to see the rest of his incredible testimony.

Source: Exposing The New Age

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