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Quotes, words, and sayings from the founder of the Vineyard movement

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John Wimber, one of the founding fathers of The Association of Vineyard Churches is one of my heroes of the faith. That is why I have included these John Wimber quotes in our collection of Christian quotes.

I first learned of John in 1983 when He spoke at the chapel service at Life Bible College. I was a sophomore that year, and I was astounded at the way God used him. It was such a memorable experience that people who were there still talk about it to this day.

John Wimber was an outspoken advocate of spirit filled Christian living and one of the primary leaders of what is today called the Charismatic movement.

Here is a list of my favorite John Wimber Quotes. They are taken from the official John Wimber Facebook Page moderated by the Yorba Linda Vineyard Christian Fellowship.

image of john and carol wimber

20 John Wimber Quotes

“If we believe in a theology that doesn’t contain doing the works of Jesus, we will not have a practice of Signs & Wonders…”

“It’s tragic to see faith healers get caught up in opulent life-styles, rationalizing their material wealth as a sign of ‘God’s blessing’. Greed & materialism are perhaps the most common cause of the undoing of many men & women with a healing ministry. .”

“Our passion is to imitate the ministry of Jesus in the power of the Spirit. This requires we must follow Jesus out of baptismal waters, through our personal deserts, and into the harvest. We want to take the ammunition of the balanced evangelical theology with the fire power of Pentecostal practice, loading & readying the best of both worlds to hit the target of making & nurturing disciples…”

“Jesus came not only to bring the Kingdom of heaven to others, but to impart it to us as well..”

“Remember, the office finds the man, not the man finding the office..”

“If we serve Jesus then every act & thought has meaning. Acts of kindness aren’t just niceties, they become acts of worship..”

“One question you never want to ask God is, ‘What’s wrong with me– because He’ll tell you..”

-”Many people ministering in meetings give great examples of how to take the spotlight off of the Holy Spirit & onto themselves..”

-”I realized at a certain point in ministry I could either get a tent and have a great ministry or empower, equip & release the Body of Christ to do it themselves I chose the latter as it was the Jesus model..”

“Faith is spelled R-I-S-K”

“The Holy Spirit is to be the administrator of the Church..”

“We need the poor as much as they need us..”

“If you want to reach the lost get outside the walls of the Church. Evangelism is at its best when everyday Christians take the risk to share their story… as well as His.”

“Love one another’ is easy when you’re watching television. But when you have to go do things with people—some you don’t even like, much less love—that’s where the rubber meets the road.”

“Read the Scriptures to obey the Scriptures. If we only learn about God but never act on what He says, we risk coming under Jesus’ judgement of the Pharisees..”

“Whatever God wants to give through us, He first has to do to us. We are the first partakers of the fruit, but we are not to eat the seed, we are to sow it, to give it away.”

“Show me where you spend your time, money and energy and I’ll tell you what you worship..”

“Only Bible & we dry up. Only Spirit and we blow up, but Word & Spirit, we grow up..”

“We don’t seek God’s power, we seek His presence. His power & everything else we need is always found in His presence..”

“Find where God is and get behind what He’s doing. He always wins…”

John Wimber’s Personal Testimony On Video

For every spirit filled charismatic Christian, John Wimber is a classic.

What are some of your favorite John Wimber Quotes? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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