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Inspiring Christian Testimonies To Build Your Faith

The Purpose Of These Christian Testimonies

We at Viral Believer are committed to helping you be the most passionate Christian you can be. One of the ways that we do this is by providing you with Christian testimonies that show God working in the lives of others.

What You Will Find

You will find testimonies from celebrities, musicians, revivals across the world, and everyday people like yourself. All of them show how God has moved in the lives of people. God is still moving and working among His people!

We Want To Help You Grow

Check back regularly because we add new Christian testimonies all the time. We hope and pray that these stories of faith will help you grow in your walk with Jesus so you too will be a believer that goes viral in spreading the gospel of Jesus. Who knows, we may end up featuring your story some day!Check out all the testimonies below.

West Virginia Revival Update: Evangelist Declares “God’s Not Done Yet!”

“People said after four weeks the revival will die down, but then it went even further. God started it and He is not finished. If He’s not through, it will not end.”

Tom Hanks – The Heartbreaking Journey That Ended Up Deepening His Faith In God

Tom Hanks is well known for his starring roles in movies like "You’ve Got Mail", "Big", "Toy Story", and my favorite "Forrest Gump" but there’s a part of Tom Hanks life many haven’t seen.

Did Donald Trump Accept Christ? Dr. James Dobson Says Yes!

Dr. James Dobson says Donald Trump has recently accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and that Christians should be praying for him.

Tim Tebow’s New Book “Shaken” Deals With Overcoming Disappointments

Former NFL Quarterback and college-football star, Tim Tebow recently announced that he is writing a book about keeping your faith during seasons of disappointment.

The Untold Story Of Ingrid Bergman’s Encounter With God

Ingrid Bergman visited the empty room where Gladys had lived, and fell down beside Aylward’s bed weeping, saying she was unworthy to have played the life of such a woman of God.

West Virginia Revival Spreads To Assemblies Of God Churches – No End In Sight

A spiritual awakening that has led to an estimated 3,000 conversions and appears poised to last through the summer is creating continuing enthusiasm among Assemblies of God churches in southern West Virginia.

Legendary Shock Rocker Alice Cooper Launches Something Huge And It’s Not A Rock Festival

As the sounds of his iconic hard-rock anthem “School’s Out” played in the background, the one-and-only Alice Cooper stood in front of a video camera and sent out a summer invitation

At 12 He Was Given To Satan, At 25 He Tried To Kill A...

John Ramirez grew up in the Bronx, where his relatives practiced Santeria. “My father’s side came from a family of witches and warlocks,” says John. “My father was very heavy into Santeria, very heavy into Spiritualism.”

The Amazing Story Of How The West Virginia Revival Started

God sent the wind of the Holy Spirit many miles away to a humble town of 500 in West Virginia coal mining country.

West Virginia Revival Update: The Untold Story Of Hillary Clinton And The Coal Miner...

Bo Copley, an unemployed coal miner, who gained media attention after he challenged Secretary Clinton’s statements about the coal industry, is a strong Christian who has been at the heart of the revival sweeping West Virginia.

Rick Warren’s “God Moment” That Transformed His Life And Ministry

Then the still small voice of the Lord broke through. “God said to me three things in that desert experience that changed my life,” he noted.

Smith Wigglesworth – The Apostle Of Faith

Smith Wigglesworth is considered one of the most influential Spirit filled evangelists in early Pentecostalism and is also credited with helping give the movement a large audience.

This Actor Had Never Seen Somebody Pray But When He Did It Changed His...

“She was leaning over her plate and I didn’t know she was praying. It didn’t make any sense to me because I’d never seen anybody pray.”

William Seymour: The Forgotten Saint Of The Pentecostal Movement

For many years the pivotal role of Seymour was almost ignored by church historians. Partially, no doubt, because he was an African American. This shameful neglect, however is finally ending as more and more students of Pentecostal history learn of the importance of William J. Seymour’s role in the formation of the Pentecostal movement.

West Virginia Revival Update: Appalachian Awakening Spreading To Neighboring Counties

“This [revival] moment has really turned everything around. People are excited. People are passionate. People have joy. People have hope. You can’t go anywhere without hearing what God is doing.”

Entire Muslim Family Has Vision Of Jesus – Tells Them Something Only He Would...

He wasn’t quite prepared for their reaction. “The family freaked out, they looked at each other, almost turned white.

Muslim Ruler Tries To Execute Daughter For Converting To Christianity And Comes Face To...

Her father responded, "If you want to die together with your false religion, so be it." One of her brothers added, "That will show that your religion is powerless."

Revival Fires Falling In West Virginia – Called The Greatest Spiritual Awakening In Their...

For the past three weeks, the large sports complex in the small coal-mining town of Williamson, West Virginia, has been filled to the rafters with people crying out for God.

Famed “Black Hawk Down” Survivor Says There Is Only One Force Big Enough To...

What impacted him most was the next October morning back at base when his buddies one by one asked him about death and the afterlife.

Revival Fires Hit West Virginia – Students Skip Prom To Seek Jesus

The Mingo Central High School Prayer Club is being credited with starting a gospel movement in southern West Virginia that is impacting at least 20 schools — public and private — in the area.

New Age Blogger Has A Heart Changing Encounter With Jesus

"I went outside on my back balcony of my stupid house ... and when I did this, I felt the atmosphere around me start to change. And I could feel in the air that there was something holy and pure around me. "

French Atheist Hated God, Visits Church To “See The Animals” And This Happens!

“I went there the same way you would go to the zoo, to see some weird exotic animals that you’ve heard about or seen in books but never seen in real life. I remember thinking that if any of my friends or family could see me in a church, I would die of shame.”

The Godfather Of Shock Rock Comes Home To His Heavenly Father

“I am the perfect example of the prodigal son.” - Alice Cooper

Testimony: Islamic Terrorist Planned To Kill Pastor And His Family Until Jesus Proved Himself...

Al-Rashid was the commander of a fanatical Islamic group that sought to convert everyone to Islam and make all nations fall under Islamic rule.

Dust To Dust – Rory’s Moving Pictorial Tribute To Wife Joey’s Funeral

On Tuesday we laid my beautiful wife to rest. In a grove of sassafras trees behind our farmhouse, with friends and family gathered around, we said goodbye to the greatest person I have ever known. - Rory Feeks Here is Rory's pictorial memorial tribute.

“Tell Them Of My Love” Woman Dies Of Pneumonia And Then Returns With A...

“I realized that my breathing was so shallow that I couldn't hear it, and I said, 'What’s going on, Lord?' And he said to me, 'Trust me.'” Then Yvonne collapsed.
18 pictures of angels

Angels Unaware: 18 Mysterious Pictures Of Angels Among Us

Are Angels real? Here are 18 mysterious pictures that seem to suggest that there are Angels that walk among us!

Top 25 Christian Movies Hollywood Hated

The 25 biggest grossing Christian movies that Hollywood critics hated.

The Pioneers Of Christian Rock – 15 Artists Who Changed Christian Music

Here are 15 great Christian musicians who said "Why should the devil have all the good music?"

12 NFL Legends Who Have Faith On And Off The Field

Although not prominent in the headlines, several NFL players show it’s possible to live and share their Christian faith on and off the field.

Woman Sings Amazing Grace To The Man Who Raped Her And Forgives The Unforgivable

Emily was out jogging when her worst fears became reality.

Indiana Trooper Gives A Prayer INSTEAD Of A Ticket

It can be stressful enough to see a police car behind you, but imagine getting pulled over after learning your child is dying from cancer.

15 Country Music Legends Who Found Jesus

Here are 15 Country Music Legends who have placed their faith in Christ.

Jordan Smith Reveals Plans For The Future After Winning “The Voice.

For Jordan Smith, the reality of winning the TV show "The Voice" is still sinking in but that isn't stopping him from planning for his future.

15 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cathedrals

15 Beautiful Cathedrals giving glory to God with architecture and art.

Queen Elizabeth Is About To Do Something This Christmas That Would Be Unheard Of...

Queen to speak up for faith and Christianity

15 Hollywood Stars Who Place Their Faith In God

Check out this list of 15 Hollywood stars who place their faith in God.

How God Used The “Rocky” Movies To Speak To Brent “The Disciple” Cooper

The "Rocky" story still inspires many of today's athletes. One man in particular that it has inspired is Brent "The Disciple" Cooper, who decided to pursue boxing after seeing the film.

PRAYER MIRACLE: Joshua Got Out Of Wheelchair And Danced After Prayer

A family who believe that the power of prayer helped to cure their teenage son's cancer have said he stepped out of his wheelchair and danced after visiting a Coleraine ministry.

15 Rock Music Legends Who Found Jesus

Here are 15 rock musicians who gave their life to Jesus Christ.

9 Year Old Girl Uses Social Media To Fill 5000 Shoeboxes For Those Less...

This 9 year old girl used social media to help others less fortunate than herself. Read her amazing story!

Tracy Morgan: God Said “Your Room Ain’t Ready.”

"You don't die for a few weeks and then come back to normal, trust me," Morgan says.

Something Just Happened In Israel That Hasn’t Happened In 2000 Years

Not since the time of the Apostle Peter have so many Jewish people heard the gospel for the first time.

5 Celebrities That Are Not Afraid To Give God Glory

In an age where Christianity appears to be on the decline, one might expect Hollywood to be leading the trend. Not necessarily, according to the words and actions of some of today's hottest celebrities.

What Ever Happened To Little Ricky?

Whatever happened to Little Ricky Of "I Love Lucy?" You might be surprised!

Dwayne “The Rock” Opens Up About The Role Faith Played In Overcoming His Depression

With no future to consider, Johnson found himself living with his parents in their small apartment and battling depression. Read the story of his amazing comeback!

Rory Feek’s Latest Blog Post About His Wife Joey Will Leave You In Tears

Rory Feek writes a touching blog post concerning his wife Joey and the journey they have taken fighting cancer.

Natalie Grant Is Praising God For Hearing The Word “Mommy.”

I’ll never forget the day I was told my husband and I would never be able to conceive children naturally. - Natalie Grant

8 Month Old Baby Brought Back To Life Twice By 2 Good Samaritans Who...

As Mike Spicer laid 8-month-old Ryder Lockwood on the passenger seat of his truck to start CPR, he said a prayer to God

Tim Tebow Dumped For Staying Celibate

Tim Tebow and Olivia Culpo are no longer dating due to Tim's insistence on remaining abstinent until marriage.

Vladimir Putin Makes A Vow That Has Western Christians In Stunned Unbelief!

Putin believes that Russia is the new leader in supporting Christian values and morals.

Man Has No Heartbeat For 1 Hour And 45 Minutes Then Miraculously Comes Back...

Dean Braxton’s system was shutting down. It started as a routine procedure to remove a kidney stone. Now he was dying. Read his amazing story of being dead for 1 hour and 45 minutes and what he experienced during that time.

100 Year Old Woman Makes 1,000 Dresses For Little Girls In Africa

Read the amazing story of a 100 year old woman who hand made 1,000 dresses for little girls in Africa.

Amazing Story Of Man Raised From The Dead Through Prayer

It was the morning of September 20, 2006. Jeff Markin recalls heading for work as usual. What he doesn’t remember is driving himself to the hospital.

These Heavenly Paintings Were Inspired By Visions Given To A 12 Year Old Self...

At four years old this precious girl had visions of heaven and Jesus. She wanted to paint the images that she saw, and when she did they were a true spectacle. Her gift was surely from God.

The Amazing Journey Of Trust – Amy’s Story Of Cancer And Pregnancy

When Amy Hanley heard she had cancer, she knew her life wasn’t the only one at stake.

The Angelic Rescue Witnessed On Highway 6

Little did Cheri and Cody Clemmons realize that their life would be forever changed when they went for a walk one day.