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17 Bible Verses About Peace To Calm The Storms Of Life

Peace, Peace, Wonderful PeaceI know many people in life that are seeking peace. Either peace with people they are at odds with, finding peace in their own hearts during troubled times, or making peace

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The Blessing Of Children – 12 Bible Verses About Children

Let the Little Children Come Unto MeWhat does the Bible say about children?With this list of Bible verses about children you can see that the Bible teaches that children are loved by God very much.Recently

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Bible Verses About Blessings [25 Scriptures On The Blessings Of God]

God's Blessings For YouThe Bible is filled with scriptures on blessing and favor. I have tried to put together a balanced list of Bible verses about blessings that hopefully will truly be a blessing to

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Amazing Grace – 25 Bible Verses About Grace

Understanding God's GraceWhen I first gave my life to Jesus I was amazed and totally blown away by the grace of God. I would just weep when I would read any of the Bible verses about grace.However it did

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15 Encouraging Christian Pictures With Bible Verses

Find encouragement from God by reading and meditating on these 15 Christian pictures with Bible versesExodus 15:2The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will

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Bible Verses About Angels – God’s Heavenly Messengers

The biblical description of angels in the Greek language simply means messenger. These Bible verses about angels will show you what angels are and how God uses angels even today.I have never seen an angel

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25 Bible Verses About Family – Scriptures On The Importance Of Family

God's Heart for Christian FamiliesIn praying and contemplating doing a post on Bible verses about family I struggled with the knowledge that many of the people who will read this post come, like I do,

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Bible Verses About Baptism – 22 Scripture Quotes

The Purpose Of Baptism In The BibleThere are 3 different categories of baptism in the Bible. There are verses that talk about being baptized into the body of Christ, those that talk about the baptism

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21 Thought Provoking Bible Verses About Leadership

Biblical leadership is quite different from leadership in the world.These Bible verses about leadership will help you discern whether or not you are following a biblical leader and also if you are yourself

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