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Christian Testimonies About Salvation

Dr. James Dobson says Donald Trump has recently accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and that Christians should be praying for him.
Ingrid Bergman's personal testimony of how she came to Christ
He wasn’t quite prepared for their reaction. “The family freaked out, they looked at each other, almost turned white.
"I went outside on my back balcony of my stupid house ... and when I did this, I felt the atmosphere around me start to change. And I could feel in the air that there was something holy and pure around me. "
“I went there the same way you would go to the zoo, to see some weird exotic animals that you’ve heard about or seen in books but never seen in real life. I remember thinking that if any of my friends or family could see me in a church, I would die of shame.”
“I am the perfect example of the prodigal son.” - Alice Cooper
Here are 15 Country Music Legends who have placed their faith in Christ.
Here are 15 rock musicians who gave their life to Jesus Christ.