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The Power To Forgive – 21 Christian Quotes On Forgiveness

What Is Forgiveness?Writing Off an Unpayable DebtForgiveness is something that all of us struggle with at one point or another in our life.These famous forgiveness quotes have helped thousands of people

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22 Beautiful Quotes About Being A Godly Woman

Heartfelt Thoughts For Christian LadiesGodly Christian women have been the backbone of the church for numerous years. I do not know where I would be if it had not been for inspiring Christian women in

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10 Fabulous Christian Quotes About Family

Today as we see the attack against the family come from many sides I felt that there needed to be a voice that cries out to honor the institution of the family.These Christian inspirational family quotes

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16 Comforting Christian Quotes For Those Who Need Encouraged

All of us at one time or another can use a word to encourage and comfort us.I personally love quotes so I compiled a list of comforting Christian quotes to help encourage and strengthen you during your

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15 Fantastic Christian Quotes About Friendship

The Importance Godly Of FriendsI am really thankful to God for the friends I have had over the years. If it had not been for those tried and true friends who have stood by me through thick and thin I am

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15 Influential Christian Leadership Quotes

What is a Christian Leader?To be a Christian leader within the church calls a person to a higher level of accountability and maturity. I have chosen quotes from Christian authors, pastors, and others who

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10 Encouraging Christian Quotes About Strength

10 Inspirational Christian Quotes About StrengthRight now there is a lot of uncertainty in the world. There have been a lot of natural disasters, financial crisis, and general chaos. These Christian quotes

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16 Wonderful Worship Quotes For Christians

Christian worship is an important part of the Christian life. Martin Luther is quoted to have said that man was created to worship God.One of the values of the church family I am part of is intimate worship.

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12 Inspiring Quotes On Christian Baptism

There are two ordinances that most Christian churches observe. They are communion and water baptism.At the end of next month, my church will be joining with the local Assembly of God church in having a

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