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How To Walk In The Spirit Everyday – 3 Simple Tips For You

Walking In The SpiritAs we spend time in our Christian journey, one of the things that happens is that we learn more and more how to hear the voice of the Lord in our hearts and to learn how to walk in

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Casting Out Demons – Are Modern Exorcisms Real?

Exorcisms Real Or Phony?Recently on the Anderson Cooper show, self proclaimed Exorcist, Bob Larson was interviewed about casting out demons.This brought up questions in many people’s minds and I was

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Healed By Faith – 3 Myths Taught By Faith Healers

Faith Healing Or Divine Healing?I do not believe people are healed by faith. I believe in divine healing.There are many TV preachers and evangelists and even some churches that teach that whether or not

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Who Is The Holy Spirit And What Does He Do?

The Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit is by far the most misunderstood member of the Trinity. We hear lots of teachings on God the father and God the son, but very few about the divine nature and attributes of

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Healing In The Bible – The Case For Divine Healing

Healing In The BibleI am always skeptical about certain things. Maybe it is my nature, or maybe it is because I am over 50 and have become much more cautious in my middle age.Whatever the reason, the monetization

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The Best Study Bibles For Serious Students Of The Word Of God

I gave my life to Jesus on November 18th 1979. I was alone, in my bedroom, and couldn't sleep because earlier in the evening I had met a group of Christians who actually prayed like someone was listening

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Jesus And The Racist

Click for a Story of a Redeemed Racist Matthew 4:18-20 18 As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a

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He Who Finds A Wife [Tips To Men For Finding A Godly Spouse]

Are You Looking For a Godly Wife?If you have been a single Christian man for any length of time at all you have read the verse inProverbs 18:22 NKJVHe who finds a wife finds a good thing,And obtains favor

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What Are Signs And Wonders In The Bible? [And How To See Them]

Signs And Wonders Shall Follow Them That BelieveThere is a fad within Christendom that doesn’t seem to want to go away. It is the fad of people always chasing after signs and wonders.It is one thing

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