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Bible Studies On The Victorious Life

Are you being attacked by the enemy? Learn the 4 things I do when the enemy comes in like a flood and see God raise up a standard against him!
Learn how you can resist the devil and live in such victory that he will flee from you every time he sees you!
There are times in life where we are tempted to be bitter. Learn how you can remove that root of bitterness in your life and walk in joy.
What does the Bible say about blessings? Learn what the abundant life really is with these Bible verses about blessings!
There are 3 places in the Bible where it says to lift up your eyes. Pastor Duke Taber shares a beautiful sermon on lifting up your eyes.
Need a prayer for strength for your life? Find out how you can receive strength from the Lord with these 7 prayers for strength.
The Bible talks about stones of remembrance. What do these stones mean? Learn how can we apply their principle to our life today?
God will provide for you. We say it but do we really believe it? Read what God has taught others about His provision.
Does the Bible say anything that will help someone in recovery? Read these 12 great Bible verses for recovery and be encouraged.
The Bible encourages us to be strong in the Lord. Read these Bible verses about strength and you can find the strength from the Lord you seek