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Bible Studies About Discipleship

Having a transparent lifestyle is important in the Christian's life. Learn how you can imitate Jesus in living a transparent lifestyle.
Understanding the will of God doesn't have to be hard. Take a look at these 8 tips to help you understand God's will.
Are you looking for a Bible that will help you grow in your faith? Here are some of the best study Bibles out on the market today!
The Bible talks about meditation. It has some wonderful benefits. Find out how your life can be enriched by biblical meditation.
God opens and closes doors all the time. Learn how to tell if God is opening doors for you to walk through in your life.
Everyday we make decisions. It is how we make decisions that decides our success. Learn how to make decisions based on Christian priorities.
Do you need some inspiration from God? Here are 10 of the best inspirational quotes to help you get through your difficulties in life.
What Is The Fire Bible And How Is It Different From Other Study Bibles? It started out as the Full Life Study Bible; then it became the Life in the Spirit Study Bible. Now we know it as the new...
I have decided to follow Jesus no matter the cost! I hear the beat of His drum. How about you? Are you ready to do the same?
Having a personal relationship with God is the major theme of Christianity. Learn how to develop intimacy with God in this Bible study