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It has become fashionable today to speak ill of the bride of Christ. Read this powerful story and ask: Do you love the bride of Jesus?
Christian leadership is desperately needed today. Read how you can become a great Christian leader with these Christian leadership quotes
Assignments From SatanDoes the Devil come to church?Not normally.At least not in most churches across North America who are meeting behind stained glass windows and...
If we are going to be all that God has created us to be then we must become a group of people that give the guarantees of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.
What do you do when your pastor is fired or quits? Learn how you can navigate the waters of the pastoral transition process.
But what does a Culture of Honor even look like? Where do I get that from? And how do I even implement it when there seems to be a true lack of honor that is abounding all around?
Some people seem to be driven to be hyper spiritual. Don't let these so-called super Christians lead your congregation to brokeness
Why Publish A Gift Guide For Women In Ministry? Women in ministry are extraordinary women who deserve a very remarkable gift. That is why I have chosen what I think are the best gifts for them. Below are five suggestions,...
 IntroductionMany times I hear people say that they love Jesus but they hate denominations. They then rattle off a list of complaints that they have about denominations, usually one or two specific denominations...
What does the Bible say about leadership? Learn how to be a godly servant leader with these thought provoking Bible verses about leadership.