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Part of the mission of Viral Believer is to encourage and train Christian believers to have a vibrant and contagious faith. We do this through providing lists of Bible verses to help people understand what the Bible says on various subjects.

How To Use These Scripture Lists

In order to have a healthy spiritual life, you need a balanced spiritual diet. Learning the Bible topically is one part of that diet. You need other Bible study methods as well but this type is important.Many Christians use these lists to help them with scripture memorization. Others use them to help them put together a topical Bible study for Sunday school or home groups.

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Feel free to browse the many topics we have here on Viral Believer. Bookmark this page so you can return and use us as a resource. We are adding lists of scripture topics all the time so check back often!

What does the Bible say about grief?

12 Extremely Comforting Bible Verses About Grief

My Personal Experience With Grief Walking through Grief In an instant, everything that had been built in the last 23 years no longer existed. I was...
What does the Bible say about strength?

25 Empowering Bible Verses About Strength

We all need the type of strength that comes from God. This list of Bible verses about strength will help you find the strength...
What does the Bible say about kindness?

20 Tenderhearted Bible Verses About Kindness

Scriptures to help you be kind to others
What does the Bible say about heaven?

14 Beautiful Bible Verses About Heaven

Scriptures to remind us that this world is not our eternal home.
What does the Bible say about fasting?

15 Powerful Bible Verses About Fasting

Fasting Scriptures To Guide You As You Seek God With Your Fast
What does the Bible say about healing?

10 Powerful Bible Verses For Healing

10 Healing Scriptures To Help You Walk In Divine Health
What does the Bible say about patience.

11 Enduring Bible Verses About Patience

These Bible verses about patience will help you develop the fruit of patience and let go of your expectations and agenda and get back in focus on the fact that it is truly God that is in control of the timeline of our life.
What does the Bible say about the Holy Spirit?

26 Powerful Bible Verses About The Holy Spirit

In today's age of scripted church services and controlled environments little time if any is actually given to allow the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the people.
What does the Bible say about gentleness?

10 Bible Verses About Gentleness To Calm Your Soul

It is my prayer that as you read through these scriptures that you will allow God to speak to you and encourage your heart to follow the path of gentleness. I encourage you to pray as you are reading these Bible verses about gentleness that you will find one of them today that you can start working on in your life.
What does the Bible say about God's promises?

Find Assurance In God’s Promises: 25 Powerful Scriptures

The Bible is full of promises to us as believers. In fact God's promises in the Bible according to 2 Cor 1:20 are yes and amen. I have decided to make a list of God's promises to help you be more aware of what God has promised towards all of you who believe.

In Remembrance Of Me – Communion Scriptures To Use In Serving The Lord’s Supper

Here is a fantastic list of the most commonly used communion scriptures and some alternatives you can use in serving the Lord's Supper.
What does the Bible say about revival?

Revive Us Again – 11 Bible Verses About Revival

Here are some Bible verses about revival for you to meditate on as you are seeking God for personal revival and revival of our nation.
What does the Bible say about serving?

Called To Be A Servant – 22 Bible Verses About Serving

Being a servant is a major theme in the Bible. These Bible verses about serving will help you to develop a servant's heart towards God and towards others.
What does the Bible say about depression?

10 Uplifting Bible Verses About Depression That Helped Me Overcome

For the last 14 years I have been on the other side of depression and seen that God truly does have a plan for my life and it has been a good one. If He will do it for me, then He will do it for you!
What does the Bible say about forgiveness?

10 Bible Verses About Forgiveness When You Are Struggling To Forgive Someone

Many of us struggle with forgiveness. Here is a list of the best Bible verses about forgiveness that have helped me become a forgiving person.
What does the Bible say about God's provision?

Will God Supply Our Needs? – 11 Bible Verses About God’s Provision

These Bible verses about provision will help you place your faith in God's providence in every area of your life. Whether you are facing financial struggles, emotional struggles, or even spiritual challenges, God will provide for all your needs.
What does the Bible say about prayer?

26 Powerful Bible Verses About Prayer To Help You Commune With God

Prayer is an important part of the life of any Christian. These Bible verses about prayer hopefully will encourage you to draw closer to God and learn how to commune with Him.

7 Bible Verses About Wisdom For Life Situations

If you're currently praying for wisdom to identify the right path or constantly struggling with the fact that you never seem to have the right answers, here are seven Bible verses to meditate over.
What does the Bible say about praying?

9 Bible Verses To Help You Pray Powerful Prayers

Here are 9 Bible verses that will help you learn how to pray powerful prayers. You too can pray prayers that will move mountains!

The Top 10 Verses People Think Are In The Bible But Are Not

I comprised a list of the top 10 sayings that people search for that are not in the Bible. Hopefully this will clear the air about some of the quotes attributed to the Bible that are not actually the Bible. We shall see.
What does the Bible say about loneliness?

6 Bible Verses About Loneliness That Will Bring You Comfort

I was single for 13 years. I am also a pastor. Both of those things can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. There are even times when I have felt alone even when I was in a crowd. Have you? These Bible verses will help you when you feel lonely.
What does the Bible say about comfort?

10 Extremely Comforting Bible Verses To Help You Rest In God

No matter what the situation, these comforting Bible verses will help you find the peace and rest that can only be found in Christ.
What does the Bible say about prayer psalms?

These 7 Heartfelt Prayer Psalms Will Help You Pray When You Need Help

If you find it tough asking God for help on anything from school exams to surviving a time of testing and trial, let these seven prayer psalms spur you on.
What does the Bible say about promises from God?

4 Powerful Promises From God When Life Gets Hard

When it seems that everyone or everything around you is against you remember that God is for you. He showed his extravagant love towards you through what Jesus did. Be encouraged, you have the God of the universe on your side. Here are some powerful promises of God that will encourage you today.
What does the Bible say about mothers?

5 Fantastic Bible Verses About Mothers For Mother’s Day Cards

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and is a special day to show the women in your life - whether it's a mother, mother-in-law, wife or daughter - just how important they are.
What does the Bible say about singles?

6 Validating Bible Verses For Christian Singles

The following Bible verses for singles all serve as a reminder for single Christians to stay content in God
What does the Bible say about faith?

10 Fantastic Bible Verses About Faith You Can Rely On!

10 Bible Verses About Faith These Bible verses about faith are some of my all-time favorites. Having spent 32 years walking with Jesus, I have learned...
What does the Bible say about saving money?

3 Bible Verses About Saving Money

We might be familiar with the phrase, "saving money for a rainy day" but it turns out that very few of us believe a rainy day is coming. In fact, not only are we failing to save, we're dipping into our cash reserves to fund our lifestyles. Here are 3 tips from the scriptures that will help you start saving.
What does the Bible say about strife?

Looking Strife In The Face – 19 Bible Verses About Strife

After taking time last night to read all of the Bible verses about strife, it is my prayer that everyone who reads this will stop and take a deep pause, evaluate what is going on in their lives, their communities, and their nation.
What does the Bible say about death?

10 Comforting Bible Verses About Death And The Afterlife

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? These Bible verses about death will bring you the comfort that you need.
What does the Bible say about guidance?

24 Bible Verses To Find God’s Guidance And Direction For Your Life

It is my prayer that after reading these scriptures about the Spirit's guidance that you will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit that you are seeking and you will know which direction you are to go.
What does the Bible say about hope?

10 Tremendously Encouraging Bible Verses About Hope

Uplifting Scripture Quotes Bringing Light To The End Of Your Tunnel.
What does the Bible say about the Holy Spirit?

30 Things The Holy Spirit Does Today

The Holy Spirit has a very vital role in the life of the believer and is the present manifestation of God on earth today.
What does the Bible say about love?

15 Inspirational Bible Verses About Love

Here are some of the most inspiring Bible verses on love that have enriched an nurtured my soul over the years.
What does the Bible say about strength?

15 Power Packed Pictures Of Bible Verses About Strength

Here are 15 empowering Bible verses about strength that will enrich your day, week, or year.
What does the Bible say about a new beginning?

11 Life Changing Bible Verses About A New Beginning

If there is one thing about my life that has been shown to be true is the fact that God is the God of new beginnings and second chances.

The Worlds Most Popular Bible Verses According To 200 Million Bible App Users

What are the most popular Bible verses from across the world? YouVersion Bible app has released its results.

Personalize Your Christmas Cards With These Christmas Bible Verses

Make your Christmas cards special this year with one of these Christmas Bible verses.
What does the Bible say about Thanksgiving?

10 Tremendously Thankful Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Take a journey with us through 10 of the most tremendous Bible verses on the subject of Thanksgiving!
What Bible verses are inspiring?

10 Incredibly Inspirational Bible Verses

Take a journey through some of the most incredibly inspirational verses in the Bible.