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The Spiritual Formation Process In You

What Is Spiritual Formation?

Spiritual formation is the process where you are learning how to become a mature Christian. Some would call it discipleship but those that are new to the faith might not understand that term.

The Purpose Of These Spiritual Formation Articles

We at Viral Believer are committed to helping Christians become the most passionate followers of Jesus they can be. One of the ways that we do this is by providing articles on how to become more mature in Christ. These are different from other articles in that they are geared to the process of becoming more spiritual in their walk with God. They are about your relationship with God.

What You Will Find

These spiritual formation articles will help you understand how to follow Jesus, carry your cross, and discern the will of God for your life to name a few.

We Want To Help You Grow

Check back regularly because we add new articles on great topics all the time. We hope and pray that these spiritual formation articles will help grow in your relationship with God so you too will be a brlirbrt that goes viral in spreading the gospel of Jesus. Check out the list of articles below.

3 key common characteristics of a worshiper

3 Key Common Characteristics Of A Worshiper

I was a rock and roller who God graciously drew unto himself. And I mean graciously because I didn't deserve it. Because of that, I fell in love with Jesus. I was the sinner who was forgiven much. And even though I didn't realize it at the time, because of that love, I became a worshiper.
8 great guideposts for discerning the will of God

8 Great Guidposts For Discerning God’s Will

Understanding the will of God doesn't have to be hard. Take a look at these 8 tips to help you understand God's will.
Why do we worship God?

Why Do We Worship God? – One Mega Reason!

Why does God want us to worship Him? Could it be that the reason is so simple that we fail to see it?
5 biblically beautiful ways to worship God

5 Biblically Beautiful Ways To Worship God

Worship is not just something we do as a warm up act for the preaching of the Bible. It is something that we do that has just as much importance as the preaching of the Bible. It is an expression of love, gratitude ,and reverence from our heart towards God. Here are 5 beautifully biblical expressions of worship you use to express your love to God.
4 ways you can enrich your life by practicing biblical meditation

4 Ways You Can Enrich Your Life By Practicing Biblical Meditation

I would just like to encourage you to recapture the lost art of biblical meditation. Start taking time to meditate upon the good things in your life, upon the word of God, and to meditate upon God himself and His presence in your life.
2 life changing reasons to hunger for God

3 Life Changing Reasons To Hunger For God

Have you been going along in your spiritual life and the duties that go along with it; church attendance, Bible study, prayer, ect. and all of a sudden you are no longer satisfied with the status quo? Maybe it is time for you as it is time for me to start crying out for another spiritual meal from the Lord.
The Role Of The Cross Of Christ In Our Life

The Role Of The Cross Of Christ In Our Life

The cross was not a religious symbol that was revered or celebrated but during the time of Christ it was a symbol of suffering and shame. Once again I am sharing with my church the basics of the Christian faith. The cross of Christ is central to that faith. I ask you when is the last time that you have heard a message about the cross of Christ? There are certain subjects that seem to fall by the wayside when the hearts of those in the church have grown cold and there are subjects that come to life when the hearts of those in the church are passionate about Jesus and His gospel. Why the Cross is important in Christianity is one of those subjects.
9 Blazing Hot Methods To Remain On Fire For God

9 Blazing Hot Methods To Remain On Fire For God

What do we do to keep the flames of fire burning in our spirit? Here are 9 ways that will help you keep those revival fires burning.
7 Prayer Strategies To Change Your Life And Our World

7 Prayer Strategies To Change Your Life And Our World

This is not a list of things to do per se, but instead is a list of strategies that if you will apply those strategies, it will transform your life and you will see God move in ways you haven't seen before.
How To Boldly Go Into Your Next Spiritual Assignment

How To Boldly Go Into Your Next Spiritual Assignment

Are you looking for guidance on how to enter into your next spiritual assignment? Check out these 10 steps you can take to get there.

3 Keys To Releasing The Supernatural Power Of God In Your Life

Learn how you can experience more of the supernatural power of God in your life today!
Are You Ready To Follow Jesus No Matter The Cost

Are You Ready To Follow Jesus No Matter The Cost?

I have decided to follow Jesus no matter the cost! I hear the beat of His drum. How about you?