In an age where Christianity appears to be on the decline, one might expect Hollywood to be leading the trend.  Not necessarily, according to the words and actions of some of today’s hottest celebrities.

In recent interviews and social media postings, several entertainers have opened up about the influence of God in their lives.

Here are 5 of the most prominent celebrities who are not afraid to give God glory.

Angela Bassett

Angela_BassettThe actress takes a Matthew 6:24 approach in her new interview with Parade Magazine. 
“Everyone is going to serve something and that can become the center of their existence,” she tells the magazine. “Mine is love of God and faith, as opposed to fame and money.”

Bassett isn’t the only one looking to God as her master.

Nicki Minaj

nicki-minaj Earlier this month, rap superstar Nicki Minaj tweeted: “Blessed. Highly favored. Grateful. Thankful. In love. In love with the Lord’s mercy …”

Her declaration comes nearly a year after she revealed to Rolling Stone how her high school abortion still haunts her.

Gwen Stefani

Another musician who is turning to God in a time of crisis? Gwen Stefani. The recently divorced The Voice coach attended church with rumored boyfriend Blake Shelton, according to reports by The Daily Mail. 

And while Stefani was going to church, other prominent figures were bringing church to others.

Jeremy Lin

Take the Charlotte Hornets’ Jeremy Lin, for example. The recent transfer reportedly started a Bible study to feed the spiritual hunger of his teammates. His most recent tweet was….

Dwayne Johnson 2015-12-05 06-33-01 And through Oprah’s Master ClassDwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed his struggle with depression and how faith was the catalyst to overcoming his struggles. “Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith. Have faith,” Johnson says. “And on the other side of your pain is something good.” He recently tweeted in response to the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Five might not seem consequential in a world of evil, but it’s more than all the righteous men the Lord found in Sodom and Gomorrah. There he only found 1.

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