4 Ways You Can Tell If Your Dream Is From God

All of us have dreams. The question is whether or not any of these dreams are the type of dreams that are sent to us by God to communicate with us. If you will follow these 4 simple steps, you will be able to determine if your dream is from God.

All of us have dreams. The question is whether or not any of these dreams are the type of dreams that are sent to us by God to communicate with us. In the book of Joel it says,

Joel 2:28
“Then, after doing all those things, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions.

So what we need to know is if our dreams are from God or if they are the result of eating too much pepperoni pizza with anchovies or the result of just being upset about a situation that is going on in our life. How do you tell if your dream is from God?

How Can You Tell If Your Dream Is From God?

Is Your Dream Biblical?

The Bible is the standard that we use to interpret our dreams.
The Bible is the standard that we use to interpret our dreams.

This may seem as a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people have asked me about dreams of trading in their current wife for a new model. This dream was not from God.

The Bible warns us about being deceived by different forms or spiritism, sorcery, and the occult including psychics.

So ask yourself the question. Did this dream encourage me to do things that are contrary to the word of God? If it did, then this dream definitely didn’t come from God.

Is Your Dream Revealing?

All of us have dreams. The question is whether or not any of these dreams are the type of dreams that are sent to us by God to communicate with us. If you will follow these 4 simple steps, you will be able to determine if your dream is from God.
Woman asleep while having a dream.

The reason that God sends dreams is that He is trying to communicate with you and can’t get through to you by normal means. This does not mean you are bad, it just means that you are not listening well enough. It happens to all of us because we are distracted or not even thinking along the lines that God wants us to think.

In the Bible, dreams always revealed something. With the Apostle Paul a dream revealed that He was to go to Macedonia instead of another direction.

In the case of Jacob’s dream of the stairway to heaven, it revealed an aspect of God that Jacob had never understood before.

So a dream from God reveals something. Now there are times when we can sense that there is a meaning or revelation in the dream that we as of yet do not understand, but a dream from God always reveals something to us.

Does The Dream Stay In Your Memory?

King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.
King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

Most dreams fade from our conscious almost immediately. Dreams from God are remembered. They stay vivid.

They also trouble our spirits.

Now I don’t mean trouble as in a bad thing but I mean that our spirit rumbles with the knowledge that there is something there that is different than normal.

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream. The prophet Daniel interpreted this dream for this ungodly king. The King made this statement.

Daniel 2:3
he said, “I have had a dream that deeply troubles me, and I must know what it means.”

A dream from God is different from normal dreams. You remember it. It bugs you. It is more vivid than other dreams.

Does It Come To Pass?

Daniel interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's dream.
Daniel interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

If this is the first time that you have had a dream you think might be of God then you will not be able to benefit as of yet from this way of knowing if your dream is from God because it is yet to be seen if the dream comes to pass.

However if you are more familiar with dreams from God, then think about the other dreams you have had that have come to pass. What similarities does this dream have with others that you have been given by God?

You see, the final proof if a dream is from God is the results. Did it come to pass.

There are two vivid accounts of this at work in Acts chapter 9 and 10. One is with a man named Ananias who God told to pray for Saul of Tarsus for a healing and the other was with Peter being told to go and preach to the gentiles.

If you will follow these 4 simple steps, you will be able to determine if your dream is from God. If it is, God is more than able to help you understand what your dream means.


Written by Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber is the owner of Taber's Truths Christian Websites LLC. He writes or aggregates or compiles many of the articles on Viral Believer.


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  1. Hi,

    I would like to know the revelations (if there is) in my dream today. (As it repeatedly playing in my mind)

    What I can vividly remember is that I was inside an hourglass and the world seems to be in it too, like it was distorted concavely to fit inside. Then there’s the voice of God (in my dream I know that he is that voice) giving me instructions and a power to roam around using a surfboard which i can use even though i was on land (It seems that it locally produces water underneath the surf board when i use it but the land is not getting wet). While he was giving the instructions, i was amazed with the power he has given me and unmindful of him I was, I roam around and a seemingly helper he has provided me (more likely an angel) asking me stop and listen to the voice… until i got nearly at the center point of that hourglass-like-world (The part of an hourglass where sand fell to the second chamber).

  2. pls help me i want to know the meaning of this dream of mine.there is a big high flood of water my family and i was running go upstairs to the house and thats the only house were get in and that the only house floating i saw under the water beside the house a black angel flying under the water and want us to vanish us he control the water to vanish us and as i saw him i say lord jesus christ help us as he heard what ive say he stop and strring at me

    • The flood of water symbolizes destruction, you and your family seek stability and calmness. The black angel symbolizes “the angel of dead” , chasing to devour you and your family, it can be related to problems ( economically or from health.) When you invoke the name of Jesus christ, You created a pivoting moment, because when God gives an orders even the devil has to obey. Make sure you talk to your children, and find out if any of them are hiding something from you!

  3. ive been haveing like these god like dreams only 3 times but 2 out of the 3 i felt like i was in gods body but ill start off with todays dream. im writeing this because i need an answer to why he sent me this dream dosent make since it dosent feel right inside. But here ill just write it all (i also told my mom this dream she saids i need to remember it because it might come again and that i need to remember how they looked and ect..)

    It started in this “dream” to where i was walking to church. i looked around for a min or 2 everyone was watching the pastor up front who was preching. i was sitting at the end by the door. no one seemed to care i was there. i saw 2 woman in white garbs carrying alil maybe 4 or 5 year old african boy. i stared as they made fun of him for not knowing the bible verses or what to say they poked him with this stick thing that had fire just on the tip.They would poke his forehead and it would bruise up like a sore. he’d plead asking to itch it. they laughed and made fun of him while yelling no!. i was haveing all types of emotions that ive never had in one time. i was angry sad furious and calm all at the same time. i watched for what felt like ages before i wept for the boy. but it was like i was crying for jesus’s sake. it made me cry. i wept with him. then i couldnt take it so i took action grabbing the boy from the 2 woman. i had on the most scariest agryiest face on they stepped back. allowing me to pull the boy in. i held his head close he looked up and it was like his bruises disappeared. i grabbed him running out the church. we fled on a donkey. i tied a blanket to the donkey. we rode off for a day only to come back for some odd reason. i remember hiding in the basement with the boy. a little girl about 5 or 6 came running down the steps. while yelling the pastor the pastor. she came to me/jesus and calmed down while saying that the pastor is a fake all he does it like people to bow down to him. i didnt want to belive her but god did. but to be sure we walked up the stairs waited a min for him to come out behind the church door. he was laughig cheering for himself saying that they love me im there idol they bow down to me im soo cool. i was furious but he just walked through me and i woke up about to cry it was like a melt down of all the feelings. I would very much like to know what did this dream mean what does he mean for me. ive already prayed asking what he wants from me. but my mom saids he wants me. she saids im special and that i need to get closer to god before its to late… but i’d like to hear your sides to what it ment…

  4. I can’t make this long but once I had a dream that I was jesus. . then some spirit some creatures that didn’t make sense at all started to chase me in this dream
    what does it actually mean when you dream you jesus

  5. A few months ago I had a dream that I was driving with my family and we heard trumpets and music playing along with angels flying in the sky to some location, so we followed them and the music to discover a church that was floating in mid air with clouds all around it the angels were heading right into the church I thought of the dream As god telling me the end is near. I’ve had multiple dream about the end but not nothing like this. After I had this dream I woke up immediately feeling not scared but more closer to god and a warm feeling . is this a sign from god telling me to confess me sins and that rapture is coming?

  6. I just woke up and it was strange. I’m actually crying. I’m only 16, but basically this thing came and it was like a heart. Suddenly my mum knew something and she knew she was saved but then I wasn’t and my dad wasnt. I didn’t know about my sister. My dad was just sitting down and not saying anything. I was crying in my mum’s arms and I started repenting but she said it was too late and that God had come. Then she was just gone and everyone carried on in a strange normality. But everything seemed different and now I’m scared. Please help me.

    • You need to tell your mom! So she can pray with you. And start walking with GOD. Your family is important

  7. i had a dream it was 2013 pass but until now i still remember that dream. i was dreaming that nigth there is a man talking me in my dream he said to me you read Markos in english mark 1 69. in the morning i did not expect that i could remembered my dream i get a bible then i find the said verse the markos 1 69. but their is no verse 69 in markos. what i did i try to add 6+9= 15 so i read the markos 1 verse 15. until i did not forget that dream.

  8. I dreamt I had holy communion with a previous pastor at our church with 4 other’s …last week I dreamt I was washing my hair and lice fell and I killed some with my nails……a couple of days before that I dreamt that a lady came to me She was a total stranger to me she mention my first name and then my first and last name I responded quite fearfully as if I was scared eyes that’s my name …then she said that she was sent by God to tell me I must go to the cit something …the rest of the dream faded. Can anyone help me

    • You might need to cleanse yourself before taking communion. It’s holy. Ask for forgiveness..also the second dream could be not really a message. But if it is, you best obey and do it. If you’re in prayer God will reveal it to you slowly as your making steps tof obey

  9. Around Thanksgiving i had a dream a lot of it i can’t remember… except this guy in my dream appeared a few times in my dream and at the end of my dream it was like i was in the back of a truck.. And another vehicle stopped us and the guy through out my dream approached me and leaned against the side of the truck bed and said you know why i’m here… At that point i began crying and i said yes… he said you have to go with me God needs you… and at that point i woke up… and still to this day that dream bothers me and all i do is think about it and God and read the bible trying to understand why i had this really Vivid dream… it was so real and question why i woke up before i could find out why God needed me…

  10. There’s has been multiple dreams I dream about relentlessly. As I wake up it’s as if I was there because the details are stained in my mind vividly. My first dream a few wks ago was about snakes. I was brace and tried to fight them with my bare hands even though I one struck me on my leg I didn’t feel the pain. Instead I tried to fight them off moving slowly as they coiled in the grass. They were black and hissing. Then my other dream was about spiders a wk later. I dreamt this apartment I was in was filled with spiders after one escaped and began to reproduce. I couldn’t leave the apartment because there was a war outside. It was dark in the apartment and only one light from downstairs was on. When I was informed by someone in my dream from downstairs where the light took place, that I had bite marks all over my stomachs I got angry and went up stairs to kill them. The spiders were black with a red diamond on their chest but with only two eyes as if it were man but a spider body. There was this big one as big as me,(the one that escaped originally, which grew) I had somet type of long sharp item not a sword but swordlike and pierced right through it as it faced me. Then I knew there was more and as I look around there right above me. Dropping down from the ceiling corner I smooth them with both hands because they were the size of my palm. After I killed 3 to 4 more I felt it wasn’t over and then I woke up. My last dream,(sorry this is long) I just woke up this morning. I wake up at 6 am everyday to read my bible and I had to find something that has to do with dreams because I know it has to mean something. All my dreams. Anyways, I dreamt I was pregnant with my kids father and he just got out of prison. As we go to places trying to set some party up for my son I lose my teeth. Three of them and three different times. One was when I saw my kids father kiss this man but I felt it wasn’t him yet it somewhat featured him. (This was odd because he would die before that happens) but I could tell he was also flirting with this girl in my dream that was helping us. When I saw that a tooth came out. Then there was one where I was preparing for the party and my tooth came out when I was alone and the last one came out when I was trying to find my grandma I was biting on a water bottle top and a piece of my tooth fail out. I tried to tell my grandma so she could help me but she kind of brushed it off and left. Then I woke up. The whole dream was just weird to me. I had to stop myself multiple times from trying to get a reading from physics and each time I felt so bad thinking of even going. It just doesn’t feel right. But I know you may not know everything I just have been praying for understanding and for god to speak to me in my dreams because I can’t hear him good yet I don’t understand what is given to me. It’s like a math problem I’m stuck on.

    • First off. Do Not go to a pshyqic. King Saul went to one and met his death….. you’re having spiritual attacks. You let something into your home. And it’s multiplying. Pray for your home! Pray for your husband! If hes been in prison for a while he might of picked something up like a sin. You’re fighting anxiety. You feel helpless. Seek to lord. He’s you’re refuge sndnstrong tower. He fights your battles. The bible is your weapon. Read psalms 91. Romans speaks of spiritual warfare not one with flesh and blood

    • You are having spiritual attacks and fear is playing a big part in that. Amber listen to a worship song called I’m no longer a slave to fear. Pray and play worship songs in your house and watch the attacks leave.

  11. In 2014 i a dream where a man i meat in the Bible school pleaded with me to give him my shoe so that he will give me his own, that he has been looking for my shoe for long. I reluctantly gave him and he gave me his. I noticed when i left where he was on my way i wore his left foot on my left foot correctly but another man’s left foot shoe on my right leg,then i thought to myself that is not correct that i wore another leg of left foot on my right leg that i need to correct it. One of the feeling i know having in that mistake was let me not go and not find the right leg shoe for the right leg the fear that another lady had taken it, when went to the place the exchange of shoe was done i found the right leg foot shoe then i removed the the one wrongly worn and wore the one that the man gave me.
    Again in 2015 i had another dream, i needed a key to detach chocolates, i saw this same man who gave me his shoes, i ask him for his key. I notice he gave me one pear of key in holder, by the time i was done with his key i gave it back to him and on my return i found that same key in my hand but this time the key are now 2 on the same key holder but am sure i gave him back his key. Even in the dream i was wondering.
    Am a single lady(34) He is single(40). As at the time of these dreams we were not friends but we started greeting each other last year in church. What does this dream mean? Can you mail my reply?

    • Idk if he’s Christian man it could be you sharing keys someday. The bible speaks of marriage. Where 2 become one. But don’t take my word for it. Pray and ask the lord for more dreams! To speak to you in the spirit. Be like king david. He asked the lord before he did ANYTHING. And he waited for a response EVERY single time and got it.

  12. Last night I had a VERY long dreaming. I went to church about 1 hour ago but when I was in the shower about 30 min ago I suddenly remembered a part that I dreamt. I remembered my ex bestfriend had died some how (emma) in this crazy long dream. I was laying in bed and she was next to me and I asked so did you go to heaven and she nodded yes to me and I said how is it? What is it like? and she said I can’t say all I can say is that it is real. This makes me question is this a sign from God? I feel like I have been pulling away from my faith bc of the unfaithful society we live in. I am 16 years old so I don’t know very much. I would appreciate it if someone would reply and help me with this questioning I have of my dream.

    • Hi Kay,
      Has anyone tried to help you yet with your dream? Also let me ask you…have YOU been questioning your beliefs? I ask because you said you feel like you’ve been pulling away. If someone has helped you and you are comfortable with what they said… praise God and you can disregard my question.

  13. I d a dream that my husband came to me dressed in a suit and holding a suitcase (he’s a lawyer). In the dream, he was hovering over me but in the standing up.position. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. It was dark, late evening. He looked at me and smiled but he looked embarrassed. He said, “I’m excited to provide for our family and I’m happy to be learning about Jesus.’ I was so shocked in the dream because he had put me through so much already that I didn’t believe him so I just slumped over in disbelief and then I woke up. Two years have passed and he has become deeply involved in alcohol and is now cheating on me with a woman who has been in prison. I am very discouraged. How can I find out what the dream means?

  14. I have a dream that i saw jesus christ but his face is blurred. And i saw in my back that he gave me wings. And he let me swim in the sea and after that i smell the oil that put in babies baptism. I dont know what the meaning of that dream

  15. In advance please forgive the long winded reply, I am in some need of guidance. Also I swear I am not crazy, at least I hope so.

    Up until Oct 2015, I was an agnostic, flirting with atheism. I absolutely loved arguing with any one of any faith, especially at bars. I did not live the best life, and I ended up paying for it. In April 2015 I started working 2 jobs 7 days a week to pay off my student debt. I also started drinking and womanizing, much more than I had normally done. In October, after several long incredibly eventful sleepless nights (no women involved just increasingly weird and improbable stuff.) I decided forgo the large house party my roommates were throwing and get some sleep and went. I woke up to an incredibly bright light, a warm feeling and just the best sense of calm and belonging that I have ever felt. At first I thought it was just sleep deprivation, but as I tried to go back to bed, I found I could not. So I decided to go downstairs chug a few beers and pass out. As I started down the stairs, first I saw me dead grandfather standing right in front of me, he just looked at me and said “earn this life, better is expected of you”. Frighted, I tried to go down the stairs faster only to one by one see all of my friends who were killed in the service, all of them repeated the same thing that my grandfather had said. Every step I took I saw someone else who had passed on, they all said the same thing. Reaching the landing, I dont see any one of my roommates or the 90 people who were at the party that night. Fearing that I had gone insane from overwork or sleep deprivation, I bolted to the basement as fast as I could. When I got to the basement I saw myself getting married to my friends sister in law (J). I heard loud voice proclaim “rejoice, for this is your future”. I went outside to try and get my head straight stumbled into the marsh behind the townhouse and saw many more beautiful and horrifying things. The next day I gave up porn, alcohol, caffeine, many other vices and started going to church. I literally did a 180. I went to church almost every Sunday, started praying and reading the bible. Although I eventually started drinking beer again, it was only one or two a night for months on end. I also told my friend of 12 years (H) (who’s sister in law(J) I married in the dream) and his wife (N) about this dream. It seemed miraculous how I almost instantly had a shot with this girl. Literally everything was seemed great. Although I started to much more difficulty in my life, (had to more three times do to landlords having their houses repossessed, broken down car, getting laid off) it seemed like I always had this warm blanket over me. It seemed like as long as I had a shot with (J), than everything was going to be ok. My friend (H) and his wife (N) suggested that I build her father a gun and go shooting with him as a way to get to know the family better and get his approval to date (J). Once again everything to be going great, right up until (july 2016) when I was seeing (J) I had one two many beers and tried to kiss (J) at the wrong time. I immediately apologized, but was blocked on Facebook and it seemed like I had ruined my chances. For months I still had faith that God was looking out for me and everything would be ok. Several days ago, I got offered my dream job, only to have it canceled by the federal hiring freeze. The next day I discover through a former mutual friend of (H and N) that (N) had told every one about my dream and asked them to play along to quote “see what we can get out of this”. I also discovered that (J) has been sleeping with a married man. I am almost at the point where I have lost all faith in God and I am ready to go back to my old ways. What should I do? What does all of this mean?

    • Also please forgive the above spelling and grammatical errors, I have not been able to sleep for days.

    • Keep praying. Dont let your knees falter.. don’t focus on this woman.seek first the kingdom of God and everything else shall be added on to you. STOP drinking. Sleeping, resting is infinitely better than alcohol. Quit it! It’s not worth it. Pray your bed. Read psalms 27 till the end. Pray for your room and your bed everynight.

  16. i am preparing for professional soccer tryouts. for some reason i had a dream where i met Obama and he was excited about it and told me he’s gonna pray for me. then when i tried to take a picture of me and him to show my friends, it wouldn’t work. i couldn’t find the camera app, when i did. my phone’s screen wouldn’t work. then i woke up at that. what does this mean? it’s a weird one for sure.

  17. Hi I had a dream where I dreamt of my pastor telling me to take my healing and I fell on the ground and cried and my whole began to shake… what does that mean?

  18. I’m only 21 years of age and I have had dream on the past I’m praying for people in a stadium, while sitting the centre wearing pure white.. A while ago I had a dream about me preaching but on an open field more like a park…. But the weird part in this dream I was older then I’m actually… Today’s dream I’m preaching in a church and I felt the chills through my spine as I’m preaching the word of God… People were hipper ..and I can’t say what it means. Is it straight forward or what.. I’m so confused Cause I’m spiritual..in the manner when ever I dream something it happens…

    • OK I want you to find your gift in the lord,if it be dreams or prophecy, have faith in it,but have faith in Christ and seek him with faith and righteousness, I want you to sit back and feel free,relax but know what causes you to sin and pray for complete diliverance have fun and a great life filled with power from the holly spirit

  19. I have had a repetitive dream of a place that I go to where I’m working with poor elderly people. I see everything clear and vivid, so much that I can remember enough to draw on paper. I am beginning to visit this place while I’m awake during my day dreams. I find myself crying more often than usual because it’s not normal and I’m convinced that it is God speaking to me. I’m not asking you is it God speaking to me, I’m telling you it’s God speaking to me. I’m experiencing the spiritual rumbles you speak of and this dream has overwhelmed my life. I left my job and enrolled in college to learn how to manage a facility that cares for poor elderly people. At first, I paid no attention to the dream, then I dreamt it again and I thought, wait a minute, I had that dream before then I dreamt it again with more clearity remembering buildings, people’s faces, me and my children working in it. Then I became afraid and I thought, Is this God speaking to me? Is this what he wants me to do? Is this my purpose? I can do the job, but I didn’t feel worthy enough for God to ask me directly. I didn’t feel worthy and according to the dream, it was too big, I didn’t feel that I could do such a big operation. The dreams wouldn’t go away, so I studied the word of God and I kept the word in my head and now I’m afraid not do whatever is asked of me, in fact I feel honored to have been chosen. I feel favored, I feel like Moses or Noah. I surrender my life to the path God has for me and I don’t know exactly what that is and I don’t care. If the dream comes to pass, I thank God because it’s a beautiful place, I should know because I love and look forward to going there everyday and it’s not even built yet. I find myself praying to be steward on behalf of Jesus Christ in the facility that I see in my day and night dreams. I have lost all sense of my plans in this life. Because I’m convinced God is communicating with me through my dreams, it has changed my life and I’ll never be the same.

  20. Hi I had a dream of my former pastor and I doing charity work together. I haven’t been to my church since Christmas because I live in another state. We where both excited about what we where doing. What dose this mean?

    • It’s a good sign,Christ is reaching out to you,you have to go back to were you left,I mean in the spirit not flesh,seek God the more and take back your place in the word of the spirit, because you have to seek God for him to come,so be sincere with God and ask him back again

  21. Hi my name is. Angelica. Last night i had a weird dream it was about several different things I had a brother who I never knew I had the end at first our encounter was but he came around eons he was protective of me guided me and at first it took a little bit getting used to but in the dream he made me feel safe happy and I was laying in his lap crying I make up stroking my the side of my face saying it’s going to be okay it’s going to be okay and then all of the sudden my dream switch and the something different I lived in the house it was kind of broken down a little bit Yonce the house was haunted my friend came into the house with me cuz she thought that I was tripping but when she went in there one of the goals kept screaming listen listen we’re trying to get 3000 trying to get through to you and my friends going insane and then it kept coming after me as well and it was Lady a man note to mend and three kids I guess something that happened to them before we had bought the house something happened to them in the past but it was crazy because we got through these people these spirits and I don’t know I kept hearing Second Chance second chance I’ve heard it how early for five maybe more times and roll this family gets a second chance they finally got a second chance and their spirits and I didn’t understand what that meant but then next thing I know we’re throwing around and this vibration and next thing you know they’re not Spirits anymore they’re actually right in front of me it just it was weird and crazy but it was a happy moment for all of them in May I turned out to be rich and I had owned businesses and things in the museum than restaurants in it was just crazy I was wealthy I was pregnant and this family that I helped live with me and my friends and my house and it wasn’t a small house it was a mansion I don’t know what to say but I don’t have a brother that’s biological to me that’s older than. Me. It was Vivid and we are having thing just kept switching up changing but it felt real the dream felt real I don’t know if the dream was from God or if it was just a dream I’ve never had a dream like this and I had a lot of dreams that kept switching up but they were mostly dreams of me saving or love but this stream it really spoke to me but I don’t know what it meant because I don’t know I was just very detailed I mean me being pregnant part and being wealthy part me saving this family and giving them a second chance and then me finding out I have an older brother and why I never even knew I had these dreams were very vid n felt real it was one dream. But it kept changing. Into. Little bits of. Other n diffrent dreams. Can zome help me interpit it

  22. Hello, my name is chris. I’m from michigan.
    Last memorial day (2016) we lost my babygirl (Natalie Irene) to a tragic drowning. I tried everything possible in my power to save her with cpr and begging the lord to give me more and help bring her back. She didn’t make it.

    I’ve been up and down with drinking and suicide for months after the incident and angered with the lord for not allowing her to return to us.
    In November of 2016, I went my normal day of work and came home to relax in the evening.
    I sat down in my comfy chair with a cold beer, tv on and chair reclined.
    That night I probably drank 10 beers total maybe more just thinking of my babygirl and how much I missed her. Missed her so much I would do anything to see her or hold her once more.
    It became so hard on me that I teared up, started crying and questioning god. Then the anger came back.
    At that point, I realized I had left my pistol on my end stand next to my chair after coming home.
    I thought about what I could do to see her sooner, but how much hurt to my family that would cause and how selfish that would be of me.
    That night, I choose to quit drinking and start opening myself and my eyes up to the lord.
    I have been trying my best to seek more and listen for him to say something that could make sense to me.

    Well, last night ( Jan 21st 2017) I had a dream/ nightmare that God and I talked about my daughter and he seen how much I was hurting after the loss of Natalie.
    So he decided he would give us a second chance with her under one condition. “Not a single person on earth could ask Natalie about death or heaven” not even a single thing about it or she would go back and we would hurt all over again.
    In my dream, We (my family) agreed. We all just wanted things to go back to the way things were before the incident had occurred.
    I followed her around everywhere and teared up every time I seen that smiling face.
    It was so hard for us not to ask her about heaven or death, but we managed not to.

    Shortly after, I had awoken from my dream and I can’t figure out what it means.
    I know she’s not coming back, but why would God send me a dream like this? Or is it Satan messing with my mind?
    I’m not a huge Christian, I don’t go to church and my attention deficiency will not allow me to get through much of the bible, but I do believe in the lord and I greatly appreciate what he has done for us.

    Please help me make sense of all of this..
    Thank you and God bless!
    Sincerely Chris

    • Chris,
      My heart goes out to you & your family. For any of us parent I think the worst thing imaginable is the loss of a child. I’m so sorry. Okay, I recently met the Lord in such a vivid dream. I couldn’t see him but he spoke to me to validate why I’m still here & because I too had thoughts of leaving.
      I’m not experienced in explaining certain dreams via God but this seems very strait forward to me.
      You were contemplating life to see your daughter again. You mentioned you’d do anything to see or to be able to hold your sweet baby girl one more time. God indeed granted that prayer/wish and you spent time with her in heaven. You were blessed to see Natalie. Too be able see how loved, warm & safe she indeed is in Heaven until you meet her again. Because you’re grieving so much, I’ve often wondered myself when ones in much physical or mental pain that if they took their life would they still be doomed to Hell? I wonder because we know suicides a huge sin, but when in constant suffering, would God understand, forgive us & allow us into heaven? Well, that’s not an answer we’ll know other than the bible giving us that answer. God will take us when he’s ready. It’s not your time. Your daughter & God I feel were telling you no, stop with those thoughts so you can definitely see Natalie again. You may be blessed to meet her more in dreams, to spend time with her. IDK…I know it’s not the same as here on Earth, but you received a beautiful gift many will never have the chance to experience but have prayed for the same. My heart grieves for you & your family and I will pray for y’all. Know this, I have definitely had my late grandmother & grandfather to visit me here as I was very close to them. It occurs more often when my physical pain seems all too much to handle anymore yet, it would be selfish to do the worst. Yes, it would devastate our families & mine are the reason I wake up everyday fighting this lifelong issue I was born with. I don’t pity myself nor want pity. This has definitely made me stronger person, loving of all thing’s, very open minded. I hide it from most due to pride. I have always worked & my field is medicine although I’m currently stay at home mom. You hang in there. Easier said than done but know your daughter is always with you in spirit & she doesn’t want daddy hurt. * I often get signs when my loved ones are around. I know this may not even help or answer your question. Being I’ve had many close encounters when I’m mad & body is wrecked with pain & I literally feel my body giving out, I always get a visit, an answer or something letting me know I’m here to help other’s like myself or totally different reasons. This is supposed to be about you, but in order to try to explain what I felt your dream meant, I had to explain my situation a little. It’s in no comparison to what you’re feeling, but we have a beautiful teenage son whom was a miracle baby due to my situation, so my heart goes out to y’all. You’re all in my prayers. Sincerely, Leigh

  23. My name is Michael

    My birthday is 12/7/

    In September 2015 I had a spiritual experience not in dream but awake in my living room after months of asking god why there were problems in the world who has led the world to its current state of death and no love or brotherhood .. every question I asked I received the answer ,ultimately it would lead to another question and answer I felt like I was Devinely led by spiritual forces ..finally my questions ended when I had spoke and grasped the word of God and the truth

    I was Ill prepared for the word and it’s immeasurable light both spiritually, and in a educational sense …

    I received psychic powers and had a spirit of great bliss and not I could only see light in the living room and through the light I heard a beautiful voice but could not make out who they were but we spoke through telepathically .. and I said I wasn’t worthy n cried in great sadness …
    But the voice/voices said it was ok that I was loved and needed ..

    I didn’t know what to believe and religion only confused me especially revaltion 12. 7 to the point I turned ugly.. I forgot the truth and failed to grasp it while the spirit was with me …

    Ultimately in a dream that was astral/In spirit i was punished by God and let down another familiar face but forgiven in a place I wouldn’t wish anyone .. Ultimately i still wrestle with the guilt but Jesus and holding his teaching with the truth of God and his word I ultimately is the fuel and teaching to let go .


  24. I dont discuss my relationship with god in public because its hard for me to believe, let alone convince others. Im not even sure if im even friends with any believers.

    But i had a dream about a bible verse before i ever read or heard about it. Thats just the tip of the ice burg. Some really unexplainable things happened to me….in 2008, 2015, and 2016.

    But here is the kicker. My ultimate question:
    WHY ME? There are 6 or 7 BILLION people on this planet. Some who have spent their whole lives and careers utterly devoted to him, that would beg for such signs…..why me?

    Look, im “normal”. Im not some high bum or the corner talking about the end of times…..im an unwed suburban mom with a ruthless sense of business and im incredibly vein. I repent of it but im trying to be honest with myself about it…Idk,maybe i am crazy….but those weirdos on the corner with signs are looking a little less weird these days.

    • Im each of those years i experienced some pretty crazy stuff myseld.. were you by some chance taken to an abyss where you were tested ? Religion can be dangerous if perception and truth is not properly gained ..

  25. I had a dream that I met God washing atable on the graveyard where my baby was burried we talked and i asked if he knew about my childs death he said he is aware and he will see unto that later that he was first washing the table for me help me translate this dream.

  26. hi i had a dream early rhis morning.it was between 5.30 and 6 in the morning.im my dream i could hear the chanting of prayers and while the prayers were going on. i felt i was floating about 2 inches above the bed .i do recollect checking to see if i was actually floating and could touch the bed that was two inches below.i woke up with a start after that.ive been thinking about my dream all day.could u please help me interpret my dream.i have also been getting up at 3.30 a.m every moring for an unknown reason.thx

    • I was told waking up every day at the same time means God is trying to talk to you. when this occurs I pray and read his word asking him to reveal what he is trying to show me or I just praise him for his goodness

  27. Maranatha brothers and sisters!!I have only ever once had a dream and it was a blinding light forming a Psalm passage in the bible. I was only in my young teens but still I cannot forget about it. For me I feel it is very unusual to get messages from God in a dream but I knew it was from God because it was simple, direct, permeated through to my very core, I have had many more instances while awake where I am given wisdom that doesn’t come from me and it instantly changes my perspective, this was very common during my younger years and becoming less frequent as I get older. But the message and teaching from God is powerfully obvious, there is no ifs or buts about it, you know 100% it is from God because he makes sure you know it through and through. If there is any shred of doubt then it is not from God and you need to be sincere about that one.

  28. I was asleep laying on my back,I had a dream christ, I could not see his face ,but he was bright like the moon in his image,he was coming from the sky with his arms stretch out as he was coming towards me ,for some reason it was dark ,but I could see a beautiful mountain with a water fall and beautiful green grass as the image got closers to me ,although i was sleep I could hear myself as I was awake breathing and this beautiful feeling of peace,I kept breathing this relaxation of calm and peace as he got closers and closers to me and I could hear myself breathing this relaxation of calm and peace as if I was awake, the closer he got the more peace I was feeling it was awesome and just when he got to my face is woke up from my sleep,the feeling of peace and calm was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced in my life ,the PEACE I WAS FEELING is unexplainable, this dream happen in 93 and I will never forget,I have told many people about the dream,but I want to know the meaning of that dream.

  29. I had a dream last night , the danial chapter. It begins with I blank blank and then says citadel and shushan .Instead of I danial. Before that night I dreamed being in the ocean but when I walked out of the ocean it was all sand.

  30. I had a dream were there was 2 of my friends who says they talk to GOD anytime and 1 lady from the church,so they said to this one lady to misuse church money,and whn i get to the church they were 3 making laod noise,laughing,saying they hv misused the church money and then i went to them then we get out of the church bt they were still making noise,then in the sky apeared a tearddy bear with a red bow tie,suddenly the tearddy bear changes to be GOD.HE was loking at us them the two lady’s they were no were to be found i was with 1 of them,she was running and hiding.i was alone standing and praying.GOD was loking at me,HE never said anything,later He disappeared.every body run away.i was alone standing and praying.

  31. I had a dream…
    This is not the first time I’m seeing the apocalypse, in fact I believe this was part 3 of the dreams I’ve encountered.

    The 3rd dream which Ithe just happened goes something like this.. there was a virus breakthrough and snow was fallen a lot. Although it was summer the days got colder and darker.

    Then zombies were everywhere.. there was no way out. Then we met this pastor who said if you say a bible verse you become invisible to them.. and not literally but they cannot harm you. It made sense and I saw my fear of messing up verses (I’m not close to God as I used to be and always think about reading the Bible but life happens) then I remember this one dark night that there was no flashlight no sight to walk by…

    The priest and the group including myself went to get food for others in sanctuary. Some how I had left my Bible


    • Hi,God be with you,I want you to know that God made the head end and earth,that he is the way truth and life,and that he is all powerful and sees everything, I also want you to know that dreams are deceptive but what is not deceptive is Christ Jesus,I want you to give your life to Christ by confessing that he is lord,also to believe in everything written about him in the bible,just have a little more faith and don’t please I beg you,don’t doubt God who wants to see you smile all the time,so be strong and make God’s word the standard for your life,trust in Him he will not disappoint you,He is able,just trust in the lord and he will bless you,just be sincere and trustful to God try to obey hes laws,and read hes word,feel free and put your trust in Christ he will not disappoint you

  33. God give name by familiar prophetess for mariage at a man (dream) and was reveal to me live after praying from the altar of the church where no is present except her.

    • Hi,what ever it was,we bless God and hope and try to leave by he’s word,feel free and live by faith in Christ Jesus,all is well

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