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advertiseFounded in November of 2015 and with almost 1 million page views in December of 2015 and on track to hit 2 million in January of 2016 Viral Believer is the fastest growing Christian website on the internet. It is quickly becoming the first choice among all websites for American Christians.

Known for provocative and entertaining headlines and quality content Viral Beliver now ranks among the largest 500 Christian websites of any kind in the U.S.

Viral Believer’s great content and on-target commentary draws millions of readers, making it a must-buy for discerning online advertisers. With between 2-5 million page views each month, Viral Believer rivals the traffic of 3 of the top Christian websites – including Charisma Magazine, Christianity Today, and the Christian Post! Our readers are well-educated, engaged in the issues that affect society and eager to patronize companies that support their new favorite Christian website. Viral Believer gets results.

Our readers are extraordinarily loyal and take their time on the Viral Believer site, making it one of the “stickiest” on the Web. In fact, Viral Believer is habit-forming! Our readers visit the site daily for breaking news, inspirational stories, and Christian teachings, which means constant reinforcement of your advertising message. On average our readers view a whopping 8 pages per visit!

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Perhaps your advertising budget is small. Viral Believer has pricing to fit practically any marketing budget with high-impact ads.

728x90 Premium Ad Below Article Title $3.00 per 1000 views.
300×250 Premium Ad Displayed In The Articles $3.00 Per 1000 Views
300×250 Budget Ad placed in the right sidebar. (sidebar folds under content when viewed with mobile devices) $1.50 per 1000 views.

Contact us today with your advertising needs. Include which placement you want, how many page views you are purchasing, and your ad creative in gif, jpeg, jpg, or png format. We will contact you within 24 hours and let you know if your ad is approved, and payment details for your advertising.

We also offer a cost per click rate at $0.35 cpc. 1000 click minimum purchase.

Sponsored posts are available for Christian films, books, and video games and other related topics. Contact us for details.